HK Watermelon festival starts Jun 22

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Cooling off: The Local Organic Watermelon Festival features four varieties of organic watermelons, namely (from left) Huang Yu, seedless 3F-2728, Super Sweet Black Angel 168 and Diana.

The Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department today introduced four highlighted varieties of organic watermelons for the Local Organic Watermelon Festival 2023 to be held from June 22.

The festival will be the first event of Happy Hong Kong – A & F Carnival, which will run from this month until January 2024 to promote local premium agricultural and fisheries products and strengthen the sustainability of local agriculture and fisheries.

The carnival also aims to provide the public with opportunities to enjoy happy moments together, thereby bringing more joy to the community.

The four varieties of watermelons are Huang Yu, seedless 3F-2728, Super Sweet Black Angel 168, and Diana.

Huang Yu is a newly introduced variety that is spherical and features green skin with dark stripes as well as juicy yellow flesh.

The seedless 3F-2728 melon is spherical with dark-striped green skin and red flesh.

The spherical and juicy Super Sweet Black Angel 168 has a green striped skin and bright crimson-colored flesh, while the oblong Diana melon comes with an intense red flesh encased under a bright striped yellow skin.

The sweetness of a local organic watermelon is usually between eight and 12 degrees Brix, a measurement of sucrose content in solution. The above four varieties carry a sweetness of around 10 to 12 Brix.

The department has continued to invite all regular local organic farmers’ markets to join the watermelon festival. Members of the public can purchase local organic watermelons and other seasonal vegetables and fruits at organic farmers’ markets from late June. They can also order from the Vegetable Marketing Organization via the “Local Fresh” website and mobile application

People are also welcome to visit the Maritime Square Organic Farm Market from June 22 to 25, 10 am to 6 pm, to buy local organic agricultural and fisheries products, enjoy stage performances, booth games, and talks as well as receive a gift when they purchase watermelons.