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In formal wear or in casual wear, this loving couple always shine not only because of their perfect combination wear but more because of the abounding love they have for each other. Whether they are in Hong Kong, Manila, Europe or America, there is always that loving care they exude in the air. And they are simple, humble and caring love in tandem as they mingle with wonderful family and friends, including the many members of the bigger HK Filipino family.

Together for almost 20 years now, Kevin Taylor, 71 originally from Bristol, North England and Wennie Ombrog Taylor, 60, from Davao City are a fixture of HK Filipino community in recent years, with Wennie in the more active role and Kevin as an always avid supporter of the wife. Being longtime residents of Muiwo in Lantau, Wennie

founded the Mui Wo Filipino Community ( MWFC ) in 2011 and was its chairperson for many years, and still remains in advisory role till now. She is also an officer of Tapang at Malasakit Alliance- Hong Kong launched in February 2018, and also a member of the Board of Directors of Wimler Foundation Hong Kong Ltd, a recent Banaag Awardee of the prestigious 2018 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas.

On the other hand, Kevin is always the man behind the successful leadership of Wennie, often on errands to do the needful logistics to ensure successful events, no matter how simple or heavy the assigned tasks are. Being a fan of rock and roll genre, he enjoys listening to the Pinoy brand of music in community events. He says,” I am impressed with the talents of Filipino musicians. They are so good. I enjoy listening to them.” And when he hears his favorite song ‘Dancing Queen’ being played, you can see him, oftentimes, dancing his delight with the queen of his life, Mrs. Wennie Taylor. But more than the entertaining aspect of HK Filcom events, Kevin is also impressed with the unity and solidity of these groups in holding and conducting big events. Engineer by profession, Kevin had several overseas assignments in China and Malaysia in the past , and now in the Philippines. Wherever he goes, Wennie is sure to follow as she is always the woman behind his successful stints abroad. As to the most memorable travel adventure of the loving tandem, it was at the Swiss Alps in 2014 where Kevin let Wennie experienced ‘ real snow’ in a snowy Switzerland, and that was only a testament of the ‘real love’ that has been with them over the years. Indeed, they are love in tandem everywhere they go.