Media person asks HK Govt to include foreign domestic workers in the consumption vouchers scheme

In a 4-minute video posted on Youtube, Alastair Man of SCMP strongly commented that not including the 400,000 foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in extending consumption vouchers to non-residents, and to be completely blunt on her remarks, she said that it is racist.

Man described FDWs, most came from the Philippines and Indonesia, the most deserving community in the city who care for local families at home so employers can work to contribute to the Hong Kong economy.

Explaining the positive impact of the overseas workers’ contribution, she said that it should not be overlooked. Man explained that 3.6 of Hong Kong gross domestic product (GDP) was 1accounted for a US$12.6 billion contribution of the Hong Kong domestic workers.

Categorically, Man said that she felt a deep sense of shame and disappointment in the government for being so blatantly biased, dismissive, prejudiced, and heartless.

Man firmly asked those officials from the government to take the foreign domestic workers seriously as she thought that if domestic workers walked out a day or two, there will be a doomsday scenario in Hong Kong.

Starting today, 7 August, more than 6 million people began to receive the first installment of the consumption vouchers of HK$2,000 under phase two of the 2022 Consumption Voucher Scheme by the Hong Kong Government. Residents and new arrival from mainland China are included in the scheme.