OWTEL keeps going strong amid the pandemic

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Mr. David Chen, Founder and CEO of OWTEL

Battling the COVID virus for years has been a rigorous, exhausting, and painstaking experience for everyone. Toughness, determination, and preparation are just some of the elements needed to endure and confront the consequences of the pandemic.

For a business to survive and still continue its services despite the challenges facing the forever changing COVID restrictions and measures implemented by the Hong Kong Government, a company needs more than resources – vigorous stamina, perseverance, and willpower are a must to face day to day trials and challenges. That was what Mr. David Chen, Chief Executive Officer of OWTEL LTD, experienced on his journey during the period of the pandemic, standing with his employees and pursuing its company’s mission and vision.

OWTEL, with several branches in different Hong Kong districts, keeps its shops open to offer its services to the community from the 1st pandemic wave till the ongoing 5th. The company has not closed its shops a single day, and its dedicated employees continue to work with all necessary measures for protection against the virus to serve its customers.

Mr. David Chen said, “Our customers need our services. Our employees need their jobs to get through this tough time of the pandemic. We will continue to support our community the best way we can”.

Standing tall during the lockdown and against all odds, their shops remain full of energy, even exploring business ventures with new partners.