True love is caring and sharing

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IN June 2005, Ronald Rajesh Lewis originally from India, was first introduced by a common friend to the then-OFW Cathrina Buday (“Kathy”), a sweet 28-year old Visayan lady from Panitan, Capiz, at Starbucks in Tsim Sha Tsui. “It was love at first sight,” he said. “As we began talking about ourselves, about life and families and many things, my heart felt for her.

We seemed to be connected in more ways than one, despite us coming from different cultures. She was so honest and true, and I wanted to get to know her more”. A man madly in love will do anything, so they say. Ronald flew to the Philippines three weeks after they met in Starbucks. He visited Kathy’s hometown to meet her family, even while she continued working at her employers’ house in Hong Kong.

That trip was a life-changing event. It was a meaningful three-day experience as he stayed and mingled with his
future in laws, living the simple life in the province. He found his joy in the midst of a humble environment, seeing people working and living with the barest of necessities. “At first, I thought this guy was not serious until he really made that trip just days after we’ve met. It was as if he courted my Kathy said.

“That was also a life-changing moment for me because I found my true love in him and I am forever thankful.”
Their romance blossomed months thereafter until they got married in HK on April 1, 2006. They are now blessed with three wonderful kids—daughters Angela, 12, and Ariana, 7 ; and son Aaron, 9. While dad continues to work for a private company, mom manages the operations of her travel agency, Kathy Travel, in business since 2011 and one of the most trusted and service-oriented agencies serving mainly the OFW community.

Having the same Catholic faith upbringing greatly influenced the compassionate hearts of the couple. They love to help the poor, the needy, and the afflicted. Oftentimes, their good deeds are quietly done without many people being aware of their genuine helping hands. Their current charity work include building shelters for the homeless in India,
supporting the hospitalization needs of a cancer-stricken child in the Philippines and visiting elderly homes.
Whatever blessings they receive in life, they share it to the needy others. “My happiness in life is not in getting
rich but in sharing what I have to help others. This is the meaning of life, helping others in the best way I can, with the resources that God has given me. I and my family are happy to help,” Ronald said.

Ronald and Kathy are on their way to celebrating their 13th anniversary this April and their love for each other keeps
on growing day by day, with the look of approval from three wonderful children who are truly thankful for having goodly parents. As they look forward to more anniversaries in the many years ahead, they are united in saying, “We shall continue to spread the spirit of loving, caring and sharing with others”.