2 Filipino women sent to hospital after mass fistfight in Wyndham Street

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Two Filipino women together with their companion, a Pakistani man, were sent to hospital after they got injured in a fistfight with some local men.


Reports reaching Hong Kong police said that on May 6 at around 4 am, two women and a man were drinking in a bar on 46-48 Wyndham Street.


In their initial investigation, the police said that the commotion started as the group was about to leave, and five local men made impolite hand gestures to them. The two women and a man then confronted the local men.

The five men retaliated and threw punches and attacked the three using glass bottles then immediately fled the scene. 


The police arrived at the scene and upon initial investigation, it was learned that two of the three victims were Filipino women, both born in 2001 and holding a HK ID. Their companion was a 21-year-old Pakistani man.

All three of them suffered wounds and injuries to their faces and foreheads and were sent to Queen Mary Hospital for medical treatment. 

The case is being classified as an assault causing actual bodily harm under the Central District Criminal Investigation Team for investigation. The police are currently searching for five suspects, two of whom are approximately 1.7 meters tall.