2 Filipinos get 7 weeks imprisonment for overstaying in HK

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 In two separate cases heard yesterday, 5 May, Mr. CHENG Lim-chi, Acting Principal Magistrate at Sha Tin Magistrates’ Courts, has sentenced a 34-year-old Filipino woman and a 38-year-old Filipino man, of 7 weeks of imprisonment for breach of condition of stay in Hong Kong.


The Filipino woman, with the initials JCC as her name listed in the court document, arrived in Hong Kong on 21 March 21013 and received a visa to stay until 4 April 2013. 


She stayed in Hong Kong after the end of her visa and reported to Immigration Department after two years and two months of overstaying in HK.


Mr. CHENG Lim-chi said that she was supposed to receive 12 weeks of imprisonment but the fact that she pleaded guilty during the hearing in the court lowered the jail period to 8 weeks. 


Furthermore, Mr. Cheng deducted another week as the Filipino woman surrendered herself to the ImmD after more than two years of overstaying in HK.


Likewise, the Filipino man, with initials of JOR of his name listed in the court document, was charged with breach of condition of stay on 21st April 2021. He overstayed for two years and five months.


The Acting Principal sentenced him to a total of seven weeks after he deducted one week from the eight-week standard imprisonment period of a number of years of violation as the Filipino man surrendered in the ImmD.