3 Filipinos nabbed for illegal drug possessio

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Three Filipinos – two male and a female – were arrested for alleged illegal drug possession on March 6, police said.

Just minutes after midnight, while the police were setting up a roadblock at Texaco Road North near Tsuen Kam Interchange in Tsuen Wan, they spotted a suspicious-looking private car.

The private car was said to be driven by a man without headlights. They also noticed that the same driver was using the phone while driving.

Police officers eventually asked the driver of the private car to stop and they approached the vehicle. They issued a ticket to the driver for traffic violation.

Aside from the male driver, a male passenger and a female passenger were inside the car at that time.

During their apprehension, the police observed that the three car occupants appeared nervous and agitated, raising suspicions that they might be hiding something.

The police then conducted search and they also investigated the car occupants.

Upon further search, the officers found two grams of suspected marijuana in the left passenger seat of the car. They also found a marijuana grinder was inside the private car. Drug-sniffing dogs were called in to assist in the search, but no further items were found.

Police said that the estimated value of the drugs seized in the car was about $300. The police identified that the three people, ages 22-23, are Filipino citizens with HKID cards.

They were arrested on suspicion of drug possession.