97 new HIV infections, 12 new AIDS cases in 3rd quarter 2022: HK Department of Health

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Blood sample positive with HIV test

The Center for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) revealed 97 new cases of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in the third quarter of 2022.

Since 1984, there has been a total of 11 539 HIV infections.

Among the 97 cases, 80 are males and 17 are females: 41 were via homosexual or bisexual contact, 26 via heterosexual contact, and one via drug use using injections.

The 29 remaining cases have yet to be determined due to incomplete information.

All cases were reported to three major sources: public hospitals, clinics, and laboratories; social hygiene clinics under the DH, and the AIDS Unit Under the DH.

61 of the HIV-infected persons have already received HIV specialist services at the DH or the Hospital Authority.

As for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), 12 new cases were reported in the same quarter.

Seven cases were via heterosexual contact, and four cases were via homosexual or bisexual contact.

Pneumocystis pneumonia, a type of chest infection, was the most common AIDS-defining illness in the third quarter of this year.

So far, there has been a total of 2 373 confirmed AIDS cases in the city since 1985.

Moreover, the CHP reported a rise in HIV infections among female sex workers (FSWs) or females engaging in commercial sex.

“Sexual transmission remained the major mode of HIV transmission. Members of the public should use condoms consistently and properly to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV,” said a spokesperson of the CHP.

“HIV is the cause of AIDS. Early HIV treatment with antiretroviral drugs effectively prevents the progression to AIDS and other complications. Lifelong antiretroviral treatment is indicated for all people with HIV, and the treatment remarkably improves their health and survival.”

More information can be found on HIV/AIDS: the Virtual AIDS Office (www.aids.gov.hk), the Red Ribbon Centre (www.rrc.gov.hk), the AIDS Hotline website (www.27802211.com) and the Gay Men HIV Information website (www.21171069.gov.hk).