Airport transport services enhanced start today

To transport inbound travelers from the Hong Kong International Airport to designated quarantine hotels (DQHs), the Government announced yesterday that it will enhance the arrangement of point-to-point transport services starting today (15 September).

The Hong Kong Government’s objective of the enhanced arrangement is to further reduce the long wait times at the airport for inbound travelers.

At the Government’s request, the Airport Authority (AA) has carried out improvement works at the waiting area for point-to-point transport services to DQHs and rearranged the boarding locations of the free point-to-point designated transport service and the self-paid DQH taxi service to facilitate the boarding of inbound people as soon as possible.

The AA will place notices in Chinese and English at appropriate locations of the arrival hall to clearly direct inbound travelers to the waiting areas of various point-to-point transport services. Staff members will also be on-site to assist.

Additionally, to keep inbound travelers better informed of the real-time availability of self-paid taxis to DQHs, the AA has set up electronic display panels at the arrival hall to show the number of taxis waiting at the pick-up point for reference.

The Government noted that its DQH taxi fleet has been running smoothly since its launch in late July. The taxi fleet had conveyed more than 29,000 inbound travelers from the airport to DQHs at their own expense.

It is also pointed out that the Transport & Logistics Bureau has updated the design and enlarged the size of the specific labels of the fleet for easier public identification.

Moreover, to step up publicity of various anti-epidemic measures, the bureau has requested the anti-epidemic designated fleets to affix the Government Anti-COVID Measure labels in addition to the fleet-specific labels for public identification.

Such fleets include the designated bus fleet for transporting people who have tested positive for COVID-19 to the community isolation facilities, the designated taxi fleet for transporting patients to and from the Hospital Authority’s designated clinics and the taxi fleet for transporting inbound travelers to DQHs.