All Filipino nationals need to undergo daily Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) in Macau

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Posted on the Macau government website announced yesterday that “People of Filipino Nationality will be included in the key group for nucleic acid testing (NAT) starting on 21 July. the day of the announcement.

The nucleic test is for all Filipino Nationality including Macao residents with Philippine passports, infants or toddlers below 36 months, people with disabilities, and mobility-impaired elderly Filipino.

In the daily press conference of the Nobel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center on July 21, Dr. Leong lek Hou, the head of the Communication Disease Prevention and Control of the Health Bureau, announced the inclusion of additional key areas and key groups for the targeted acid testing drive.

Dr. Leoung said, “since a high proportion of infected persons are Filipinos, individuals with Philippine nationality (including Macao residents with Philippine passports) are included in the key groups and will be subject to daily nucleic acid testing from tomorrow (22 July). They can book the test via the following link:

Considering that the risk of infection of the aforesaid populations is relatively high, all individuals in the said population groups (including infants and children born after 1 July 2019, as well as the aged and the disabled who have difficulty in walking or who need care from others) have to be tested without exemption. The authorities will send a text message to the individuals concerned. Those who fail to get tested as required will have their health code turn yellow on the next day, on which they must receive the test to restore to a green health code, or else their health code will turn red on the day after. (In other words, those who skip the nucleic acid test for two consecutive days will be given a red health code.)

There were more than 28,000 Filpino nationals in Macau as of 2021 working in different industries: tourism, gaming, hospitality, and including domestic workers.