Another FDH admits stealing from Uniqlo in Causeway Bay

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Uniqlo branch in Causeway Bay


Another overseas Filipino worker admitted to stealing several items from a popular clothing store in Causeway Bay.

Domestic worker Lulu A. P. yesterday (April 16) pleaded guilty to one charge of theft before Eastern Principal Magistrate Peter Law.

“Opo, inaaamin ko po,” Lulu told the court.

Judge Law sentenced her to three days in prison but suspended this for one year. This means she won’t go to prison if she does not commit any offense in the next 12 months.

“Otherwise, you will have to go to prison. So, keep away from trouble in the next 12 months or you will be in trouble,” Judge Law said.

But Lulu said she had no plans of staying in Hong Kong and was already planning to go home for good when the incident happened. She had reportedly been terminated by her employer.

The theft happened at around 2:41 p.m. on March 17, a Sunday, at the ground floor of the Uniqlo store along Percival Street in Causeway Bay.

She took eight pairs of socks and boxer shorts, three umbrellas, and one handbag and put them all in her backpack. She walked out of the store without paying but the alarm went off, the prosecutor said.

She added that the Filipina returned to the store and brought out the stolen items from her bag before she tried to leave, but the store officials accosted her.

Lulu could not produce a sales receipt for the items and the police later arrived and arrested her. The Filipino initially pleaded not guilty when she first appeared in court on March 19 but a friend convinced her to change her plea.

“Ako po ay nakikiusap kung puwede ako i-allow na maka-uwi na ng Pilipinas. Handa na akong umuwi for good bago nangyari ito,” she added.

While Lulu was able to avoid prison, she now has a criminal record here in Hong Kong and would probably be denied a visa if she tries to apply to work here again.

This is the second time that a Filipino worker admitted to stealing from the Uniqlo store along Percival Street in Causeway Bay

In November last year, a 59-year-old Filipino domestic worker was fined $1,200 after she was caught stealing from the same Uniqlo branch.

Mercedes C.O., who has had only two employers in her 31 years here in HK, admitted to stealing one pair of blue jeans and black jacket.

“Yes, aminado po ako (Yes, I admit it),” Mercedes told Eastern Presiding Magistrate Peter Law on November 5.

The prosecution said the incident happened at around 11:45 a.m. on October 21 when a security guard saw the defendant take the blue jeans and jacket and put them on her arm.

She then covered the two items with her own jacket before walking out of the store without paying. The alarm sounded and the guard ran after the helper.

“Pasensya. Pasensya sa aking pagkakamali,” Mercedes told the police after she was arrested at around 12:27 p.m. She did not say if she only forgot to pay for the jeans and jacket.

Her lawyer said that Mercedes earns more than $4,400 “but sends almost $4,000 home” for her daughter, who is taking up a course in hotel and restaurant management.

“Her daughter’s education is so expensive,” the lawyer said.

“She stole the items out of greed and for her own use. She’s very remorseful and promises not to offend again,” he added.