Case surge not alarming: CE


Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said that the upward trend of daily COVID-19 cases is not alarming yet and the Government will closely monitor the situation.

At a media session, Mrs. Lam told reporters that the number of daily confirmed positive COVID-19 cases has escalated to over 1,000 these past few days, but such a trend is not unexpected.

“I have to stress that this sort of upward trend of cases, according to the experts, is not unexpected, because we have almost returned to normalcy as far as social activities are concerned, so in a way, this is not an alarm bell yet, but we would closely, closely monitor the situation.”

She said that despite the surge of cases, there is no need to appeal to the central government for assistance for the time being.

“The central government’s involvement in fighting the COVID-19 epidemic is, when the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government needed help, they would almost immediately give us the help we needed in various forms and you have already seen this at least on several occasions.

“But on this occasion, in responding to another question, I said that we have a sufficient supply of community isolation facilities, testing capacity, and anti-viral oral drugs, so, I do not see the need to appeal to the central government for any assistance or support for the time being.”

In view of the developments of the epidemic situation, the government announced today that bureaus and departments will step up the use of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs) for government employees with a view to cutting the hidden transmission chains as early as possible.

The Government will require particular government employees to conduct RATs regularly or on a needs basis.