Court adjourns the trial of  43-year old Filipino man shot by police officer in Peng Chau to Feb.6

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The Eastern Law Courts Bldg at Sai Wan Ho where De Vera's verdict was heard today, Jan. 27.

The court hearing for the case of the Filipino man shot by the police officer at Peng Chau in the incident of reported noise nuisance on January 24 was adjourned to Feb.6

This was announced yesterday, February 1 at Eastern Magistracy Courts at Sai Wan Ho.

The Filipino businessman, Arimas, Oliver Dairo, the named listed in the court record, was absent when his case number was called by the court staff.

Mr. Arimas was charged of “Assault with intent to prevent lawful apprehension”.

Prosecutor said that the Mr. Arimas could not attend the hearing as he is still in the hospital at Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital.

Instead, the Prosecutor announced to the Magistrate, that the court hearing would be adjourned on the 6th of February.

Consul Paul Saret, head of the Assistance to Nationals (ATN) section of the Philippine Consul General (PCG), said that they visited Mr. Arimas last Sunday (29 January) at the hospital. Consul Paul said that Mr. Arimas is in stable condition when they visited him.

Consul Paul added that his ATN team explained to Mr. Arinas and his sister how to get legal assistance – either applying at the Legal Aid, which is free, or to get a private lawyer, which they need to pay the legal fees.

The Hospital Authority messaged HKNEWS to update the health condition of Mr. Aranas and confirmed that he is in stable condition.

Magistrate Mr. Jason Wan Siu-ming announced that the hearing was set to hear on 6th February, 9:30 am, Court No.1.