Eight of 12 Covid-19 cases imported

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Photo by CDC from Pexels

Hong Kong health authorities recorded 12 new Covid-19 cases—eight imported and four locally transmitted—bringing the city’s coronavirus caseload to 11,410.

The Centre for Health Protection said on Tuesday three of the local infections were linked to previous cases. The sole Covid-19 case without a traceable origin reported today is an 88-year-old retiree who had been to a Chinese restaurant in Lam Tin, where two infections were earlier confirmed.

The eight imported cases include a female foreign domestic worker from the Philippines who arrived on Mar. 21 and tested positive at the airport, a Health Department staffer said. A 37-year-old male flight crew member of Cathay Pacific flight CX906 on Mar. 10, which plied the Manila-Hong Kong route, also tested positive for the coronavirus.

Flights from the carrier coming from Manila are barred from landing in Hong Kong from Mar. 15 to 28 after five domestic workers on board were found to have contracted the virus.

Four others from Pakistan who took Emirates flight EK384, and a 22-year-old  man from France also arrived on Mar. 21 and were found to be infected. Together with the Filipina domestic worker and the flight crew member, all seven of them were found to carry a variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

A domestic worker from Indonesia who also arrived on Mar. 21 tested positive for the coronavirus, but she was not found carrying a variant.

Less than 10 people tested preliminarily positive for the coronavirus, the Health Department staffer added.