Up to 50 people to be quarantined after Easter holiday outbreak in Yuen Long

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Coronavirus illustration from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States

A couple from Yuen Long were confirmed to have Covid-19 on Thursday, health authorities said, sending over 50 of their close contacts to quarantine.

The two were residents of Meadowlands in Hung Shui Kiu and were among the six Covid-19 infections the Centre for Health Protection confirmed.

Five of the over 10 preliminarily positive cases are linked to a 29-year-old woman whose infection was untraceable. Her husband is the other local transmission confirmed.

The woman works as an accounts manager in Quality Healthcare Medical Centre in Kowloon Bay.

She felt unwell on Apr. 9 and became better when she took some medicine. But she went to see a doctor on Monday after losing her sense of smell and taste.

Her husband, a real estate agent aged 38, began coughing on Sunday.

The woman’s parents who live with the couple and three other relatives who went to their place for a gathering during the Easter break tested preliminarily positive for the virus.

Dr. Ambrose Wong from the CHP said this can be classified as an Easter outbreak once these cases are confirmed.

“If all five preliminary positive cases finally become confirmed, of course, this is definitely an outbreak within the family. It is related to the Easter holiday. I think it’s quite obvious, because of the family gatherings during the holiday,” Wong said.

The imported Covid-19 cases include two detected with a coronavirus variant: a 31-year-old man from France and a 39-year-old male hailing from Italy. Both entered Hong Kong on Apr. 13.

The two other imported cases are a domestic worker from the Philippines who arrived on Apr. 13 via Cebu Pacific flight 5J272 and a four-month-old baby.

Hong Kong has 11,619 recorded coronavirus cases to date.