HK imports 5 new Covid-19 cases including air crew member, FDW

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Electron microscopic image of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes Covid-19. (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention/Public Health Image Library/

Health authorities confirmed five new imported Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong on Friday, taking the city’s coronavirus caseload to 12,139.

All of the cases were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 according to data from the Centre for Health Protection. They were all carrying the L452R mutant strain,a Health Department staffer said.

Three of the cases arrived from Switzerland on Sept. 8, the staffer said, with two of these arrivals found with antibodies against Covid-19.

The fourth case involves a 24-year-old male aircrew member from Russia who landed in the city last Sept. 7, while the last confirmed infection today is a female domestic worker from the Philippines aged 49.

Fewer than five tested preliminarily positive for the virus, the staffer added.

Officials are also following up on two confirmed Covid-19 infections in the United Kingdom involving two men who resided in Hong Kong.

A fully vaccinated 16-year-old man who resided in Block 19 of Baguio Villa in Pok Fu Lam left Hong Kong on Aug. 26.

He tested negative in the city three days before his flight, but a sample collected from him in the UK on Sept. 6 came back positive for Covid-19.

The other infection involves a man aged 51 who has completed immunisation against Covid-19. He lived in Block 3 of Kent Court in Kowloon and left for the UK on Sept. 1.

Two days after, he developed symptoms of Covid-19 infection. On the same day, his sample was found positive for the coronavirus.

Hong Kong health officials will follow up with their counterparts in the UK to look into the two infections. As a precaution, the buildings they lived in were issued with compulsory testing orders.