Experiencing health problems and wants to go back home? Here’s what you can do

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Ferlita was assisted by a staff from Overseas Workers Welfare Administration upon arriving at the NAIA Terminal 2 in the Philippines last Oct. 7.

The welfare officer of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in Hong Kong, Ms. Virsie Burgos-Tamayao advised Filipino domestic workers (FDWs) to visit the OWWA office before planning to go back home when they have health issues.

Ms. Burgos-Tamayao reminds FDWs to inform OWWA-HK when having health problems and have a plan to go home in the Philippines at least 7-days before flight departure for proper endorsement and coordination with OWWA-Philippines, other local authorities, and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) families.

Welfare Officer Burgos-Tamayao clarified that during this pandemic, preparation for the arrival of OFW with health issues needs more coordination with different Philippine authorities.

From the Hong Kong end, the OWWA office needs to report the OFW to be repatriated at the OWWA-Manila, and other regional offices and authorities like the Local Government Unit, Department of Health, Department of Quarantine (LGU/DOH/DOQ) using the Unified Medical report for the repatriation of the OFW.

A repatriation report will be sent, for the information of the OFW on the said authorities and departments. It is vital to know if the OFW needs a wheelchair, ambulance unit, and a nurse depending on the medical report of the OFW.

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“It is also important to check the severity of the ailments of the person. If not severe, need quarantine, and if the ailment is severe, immediate medical support should be given.” Ms. Burgos-Tamayao said.

They also need to advise the OWWA regional office and report to the LGU, the Department of Health, and the family of the arriving FDW with a health problem.

OFW from Hong Kong Experience

Ferlita, who was referred to OWWA by Hong Kong News when a friend reported her condition months ago, went back to the Philippines on October 7 with the supervision of OWWA-Hong Kong and the Philippines and other local authorities in the Philippines.

Ferlita said, from Hong Kong Internationa Airport she was assisted by a staff of OWWA-HK. A wheelchair was then given to her from the airport lobby up to the entrance door of the airplane.

When she arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 and disembarked from the plane, a staff with a wheelchair was waiting for her. Ferlita was assisted in all the airport processing of arriving travelers. An OWWA van was also waiting for her, where she was sent to her assigned quarantine hotel at Sofitel.

Part of OWWA’s services is the nurse from the hotel who upon arrival of Ferlita, checked her wounds. Throughout her stay at the hotel, a nurse was available if she required some help.

After her quarantine in Manila, a bus service was sent to fetch her and other OFWs to accompany them to the airport, for their local flight to their provinces. She was picked up again by the local OWWA office and sent to a hotel in her province where she stayed overnight and then sent the following day to her home.

And for Ferlita, she was happy to be back home, safe and healthy.

“Ang masasabi ko sa serbisyo, appreciated because you are contented for the good services, that you are safe and healthy going home.”