FDWs Employment Agencies eligible for a Subsidy Scheme

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Filipino domestic workers at the ground floor of HSBC Bldg, Central.

The Labour Department opened the application for Subsidy Scheme for Employment Agencies on Mar. 17 to April 29.

The Scheme will grant a HK$50,000 subsidy for each main license of employment agencies that provide foreign domestic worker placement services.

Eligible employment agency must hold a valid licence issued by the department as of Jan. 31.

If the validity period of the employment agency’s current licence is less than two months as at the date a subsidy application is submitted, the employment agency must have applied for licence renewal.

If an employment agency has applied to the issue of a new licence as of Dec. 31, 2021, the application had to be still under processing as of Jan. 31.


Employment agencies that were granted a subsidy under the second round of the fund in 2020 and meet the eligibility criteria for the current round are only required to confirm the payment method by submitting the Simplified Application Form.

The department will invite applications from these employment agencies by post or email on Mar. 15.

Hong Kong Union of Employment Agencies were delighted and thankful for the cash allowance to their members in the industry, given the current difficult time faced by the whole industry.