Filipino band Ben&Ben attends its first international music festival

An electrifying performance for the Filipino band, Ben&Ben, as they graced the main stage of Clockenflap on March 5. 

Hundreds of fans jumped, shouted, and sang to the band’s popular songs.  

It’s also the band’s first participation at an international music festival.  

Composed of a nine-member band, they played a mix of Filipino and English songs to a sold out festival.  

They played three Filipino songs: Pagtingin, Upuaan, and Arraw-Arraw while the rest were in English: Maybe the Night, Doors, Leaves, and Ride Home.   

Filipinos and non-Filipinos were spellbound from the band’s electrifying performances as each band member showcased their talent on stage. 

According to Joms Ortega, a Filipino residing in Hong Kong, he said he shed a few tears while watching the band’s performance.  

For Hong Kong resident Ria Vallesteros, she heard of the band prior to attending their performance. But to see them live, she became a new fan. 

The Filipino spirit was alive as avid fans shouted glee upon hearing their favorite songs played out across a sea of attendees. 

A Philippine flag was also seen near the stage. 

After their performance, lead vocals Paolo and Miguel, met group of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) outside the gate of the venue of the event.

Lindy Paclibar, President of Panay Overseas Workers Association (POWA) said that two hours of waiting was worth to see them in person. She proudly presented the signatures of the twin brothers on the cover of her cell phone.

Prior to their performance, the band went to Hong Kong Disneyland for much needed rest and fun.  

They were also able to do a meet and greet with some Filipinos on March 4.  

The Clockenflap Festival is annual event held in in Hong Kong and it’s about music, arts, films, and food. It’s for locals, expat, students, families, and kids. The festival was a three-day event.