Four domestic workers nabbed for illegal dental services

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(Photo from Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

Four Indonesian domestic workers who reportedly provided unlicensed dental services to other Indonesians were arrested by Immigration officers on Thursday and Friday.

The workers—aged between 31 to 35 years old—were arrested for “breaching their conditions of stay by practicing dentistry without registration,” a statement released on Friday on the government website said.

Preliminary investigations showed they also did not have any formal dental training and their employers were unaware of their unlicensed dental practice, the statement added.

Immigration authorities were tipped off that the workers rented a room in a guesthouse during their rest days or holidays to offer dental services for their clansmen.

After further probes and analysis, Immigration investigators identified the four domestic workers and arrested them in their respective places of work.

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The Immigration Department called the incident “absolutely unacceptable.”

“The arrested helpers have breached their conditions of stay. Apart from that, practicing dentistry without registration will also seriously threaten the health and lives of Hong Kong citizens and will very likely increase the risk of the spread of the epidemic,” a spokesperson said.

The statement said the investigation is still underway, and that it is possible that more persons will be arrested.

Domestic workers were reminded not to take up other employment including part-time domestic duties with other employers, the spokesperson reiterated.

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