Free flights from Hong Kong to 46 destinations across 26 countries

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A Cathay Pacific free flight ticket drive begins on April 24 where participants have the chance to win tickets to 26 countries from Hong Kong.

Over 27,000 airplane tickets are up for grabs starting April 24 until April 30.

Lucky winners could get a chance to travel to 46 destinations in 26 countries.

These places include France, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Australia, India, the United Arab Emirates, and more.

The move is part of Hong Kong’s “Hello Hong Kong” campaign – as a way to lure visitors back after the city was closed from the world for three years.

To enter, participants must be members of Cathay Pacific. Next, they will need to fill up a form whereby they will input their name, email addresses, and preferred destination.

Anyone can participate since there are no restrictions on nationality. But the website is only available in simplified Chinese.

Winners will be announced on May 3 and they will be unable to change their destination once the free tickets are issued to them.  Winners will be selected randomly from the countries that they have picked.

On Cathay Pacific’s website, the waiting time could be a minute or longer if the form was not found as users were redirected to a sign-up page without a link.

Earlier this year, authorities announced 80,000 tickets would be given to Hong Kong residents in July and the same numbers from those in the Greater Bay Area starting in April.

Other tickets were sent to attract visitors from other countries which include Singapore and Thailand.

Beijing plans to integrate Hong Kong, Macau and nine other southern mainland cities as one economic zone that could rival Silicon Valley.