HK clear goals: maximum connection with the world and reduce the inconvenience to inbound travelers

Ahead of the Executive Council meeting this morning, 20 September, Chief Executive John Lee said the Government has set clear goals in its fight against COVID-19.

CE Lee said that the Government aims to maximize connections with the world and reduce inconveniences to visitors while doing its best to control the epidemic. He added the Government will announce its measures in due course.

“While we will do our best to control the COVID-19 epidemic, we aim to have the maximum connection with the world and reduce the inconvenience caused by anti-epidemic measures to people arriving in Hong Kong. That is a very clear goal. So, the direction is clear and we are also ensuring that we do not roll back our anti-epidemic measures. That is number one.

“The second thing is, we want to ensure that as we progress to allowing more activities to take place, we do it in an orderly way. So that when people go through the process, they will feel comfortable with process. We will reduce the inconvenience caused as much as we can.

“We are doing everything in that direction. We will be announcing the measures once we have made a decision about what we are going to do.”

Addressing media questions on the withdrawal of some major events in Hong Kong, the Chief Executive reiterated the Government’s supportive stance for major sports and convention events in the city.

“Regarding the big sporting events that every one of us has been very interested in, such as the Hong Kong Marathon and the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships, of course, we will be doing our best so that we will have all these events in Hong Kong.

“We will be trying our best to talk to the organizers of all these activities. Our position is very clear. We are very supportive and we want both sides to work towards the goal of making it happen.”