HK Gov’t working to scrap PCR test, quota for travel to mainland China; Consider canceling vaccination and RAT requirements for international visitors 

A decision should be made within the next few days regarding the cancellation of the nucleic acid testing (PCR) requirements for cross-border travelers between Hong Kong and mainland China.

Currently, a 48-hour PCR test is a necessary requirement for anyone traveling to mainland China. At the same time, there is also a daily quota for cross-border travelers.

 In addition, the Government plans to cancel Covid-19 vaccination and rapid antigen test requirements for international visitors entering Hong Kong.

 On Jan. 30, the Government canceled the isolation requirement for Covid-19 patients yet wearing of face masks remains mandatory. Authorities however are considering relaxing it after the winter flu peak.

 Removal of face mask requirement remains the city’s last remaining pandemic rule. Still, dates have not yet been given.

 On Jan. 31, Chief Executive John Lee, in a meeting, said the next step is to comprehensively promote Hong Kong as it continues to promote the normalization measures.

 Lee became chief executive last July 2022, the sole candidate for vying for the top spot.

 He gradually rolled back Covid measures, which were created by Carrie Lam, his predecessor.

 Meanwhile, Lee has rejected calls for an independent commission that would look into the city’s handling of the Covid pandemic.

 “Some individuals believe that there is a need for us to conduct an independent investigation into the various anti-epidemic measures. Some others disagree. I disagree too to that proposal.”

 Last year, Hong Kong sought help from the central government when the spread of omicron caused a wave of deaths among the unvaccinated.

 Moreover, strict Covid regulations isolated the city for years, resulting in an exodus of residents and affecting the economy.