HK Migrant Domestic Workers to Quat, Ngan: Stop the racist attacks

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A group of Hong Kong Migrant Workers have filed a petition today (Feb. 24) asking legislators Elizabeth Quat and Frankie Ngan to immediately stop their racist attacks and maliciously accusing domestic workers as job-hoppers.

In a petition signed by 71 groups and individuals, a copy of which was handed to Hong Kong New, the group took exception over what they call Quat’s “shameless” and “repulsive” statement referring to migrant domestic workers as product that does not match the employers’ description.

“Migrant domestic workers are worker and human being, not products nor commodities that are consumable and easily disposable,” the group said in their petition.

They said having a mindset like Quat is “highly condemnable and unacceptable in HongKong where they believe that most of the people are not racist Migrant domestic workers are workers and human beings, not products nor commodities that are consumable and easily disposable.

The group also took exception over the proposal made by Ngan to curb job hopping by cutting short what they call “the already notorious” and “anti-migrant policy” two week rule to mere 7 days.

They dubbed the proposal as regressive and bringing Hong Kong back to the age of slavery.

“Ms. Quat and Mr. Ngan should realize that migrant domestic workers are one of the most abused
and exploited working people in Hong Kong. Their contribution to the development of the Hong Kong
economy remains unrecognized. If some migrant domestic workers decide to leave their employers or
terminate their contract, it is because of ill and inhumane treatment or unbearable working and
living conditions they are in,” the petitioners further said.

They likewise urged the office of the two legislators that instead of attacking and singling out ┬áthe migrant workers they use their positions to make Hong Kong society “more inclusive and respectful the rights and well-being of people especially the most vulnerable sector.”

They also demanded the two lawmakers to crate laws that will improve the protection of both the employers and migrant domestic workers instead.

The group also demanded a public apology from the two over the so-called disrespect towards migrant workers.