HK records three imported cases

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Staff members checking whether a person in the "restricted area" has undergone compulsory testing in the enforcement operation. Photo Source:

Two domestic workers (DWs), one from Indonesia and one from the Philippines, are among the three confirmed positive imported Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong, the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) announced today, Nov. 22.

The 24-year-old female domestic worker from the Philippines was asymptomatic when she arrived in Hong Kong last Nov. 18 via Cebu Pacific CJ572 flight. She tested positive while staying at the government quarantine facilities in Penny’s Bay at Lantau Island. She received one dose of Janssen on July 30 in the Philippines.

The 43-year-old female from Indonesia was asymptomatic when she arrived in Hong Kong on Nov. 20 via CX796 flight. She received two doses of CoronaVac vaccination on July 21 and Aug. 26 in her home country.

The 23-year-old male from Hong Kong went to the US on Nov. 14 and was checked negative of Covid-19 a day before he left for the US (Nov. 13). He returned to Hong Kong on Nov. 20 and tested positive upon arrival. He arrived in Hong Kong via CX521 flight and his specimen collected upon arrival in the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre at Hong Kong International Airport tested positive for COVID-19. The patient is symptomatic. His Ct value is less than 30 and his specimen carried the L452R mutant strain (but was negative for the N501Y and E484K strains). He received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination from BioNTech on April 27 and May 18 in Hong Kong.

As the patient had stayed in Hong Kong during the incubation period and due to the presence of a mutant strain with higher transmissibility and risk of infection, the Government has adopted a prudent measure and will make a “restriction-testing declaration” for the building where the patient resided in Hong Kong (Jovial Court, Peninsula Village, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island). The places where he had visited in Hong Kong during the incubation period will also be included in a compulsory testing notice. Specified persons who were present at the relevant venues at specified periods need to undergo compulsory testing on the specified date. Epidemiological investigation and contact tracing of the case will continue.

As of Nov. 22, 12,119 patients with confirmed or probable infection have been discharged, the Hospital Authority (HA) announced.

A total of 34 confirmed patients are currently hospitalised in the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre and the Hospital Authority (HA) Infectious Disease Centre, and all of them are in stable condition. The HA will maintain close contact with the Centre for Health Protection to monitor the latest developments and to inform the public and healthcare workers on the latest information in a timely manner.

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