Labour Department to Launch Thankful Week for Families with Foreign Domestic Helpers

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In tandem with the Happy Hong Kong campaign, the Labour Department (LD) will launch a Thankful Week for Families with Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDHs) on May 15 to promote mutual respect and harmonious relationships between FDHs and their employers.

 A spokesman for the LD said: “FDHs have made significant contributions to Hong Kong families and our economic development by taking care of household chores as well as the elderly and children of local families. FDHs and employers live under the same roof. Mutual care and understanding are the cornerstones of an amicable family and employment relationship.

 “FDHs and employers of each family are invited to jointly record a short video clip of 20 to 30 seconds to express gratitude and appreciation for each other and to share tips on building a harmonious relationship with mutual respect and care. They can submit the short video clip links to the LD’s event webpage from May 15 to 28. As a token of appreciation for participating in the event, the LD will give out 12 000 Ocean Park admission tickets to 3 000 participating households to share happy and enjoyable moments together,” the spokesman added.

Lots will be drawn if the number of entries exceeds 3 000. Each household will be offered 4 admission tickets (i.e. 2 each for the FDH and the employer). Each FDH and each employer can only participate once.

FDHs and their employers receiving the admission tickets will be notified individually by LD by email, together with the QR codes for the e-tickets before 9 July 2023.

To participate, FDHs and employers may visit the LD’s event webpage for more information.

For enquiries, please call 3582 8976.