Mail delivery services to Manila are subject to delay: Hong Kong Post 

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Mail delivery services to Manila from Hong Kong are subject to delay, according to Hong Kong Post on Monday, May 31.

The delay is due to a fire that engulfed the historic post office in Manila on May, 22 and injured seven people.

More than 80 fire trucks across the city were sent to the historical site where the fire began late Sunday, May 21, said the Bureau of Fire Protection.

Flames gutted out the neo-classical Manila Central Post Office and it took more than seven hours for the fire to get under control.

In a local media interview, Postmaster General Luis Carlos said that “the whole building was burned down from the basement all the way to the fifth floor.”

The damage is estimated to run at least 300 million pesos, said the fire bureau.

The Manila Central Post Office was originally built in 1926. It was once considered to be the “grandest building” in Manila. The building has gone through World War II where it was destroyed. It was rebuilt in 1946.

The building has been declared an “important cultural property” in 2018 by the Philippine National Museum.