Prof Chan advises everyone to “better not go out”

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Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Food and Health

In the conference today, January 23, Professor Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Food and Health, said that Hong Kong is now in the middle of a community outbreak in Kwai Chung estate and some of the selected buildings, and advised everyone to better not go out.
Prof. Chan said that Hong Kong authorities want to vastly reduce the cases because other than the Kwai Chung estate outbreak, there are still unlink cases in the community and other areas. She cited the sewage studies as an example that the authorities found on and off positive but sometimes negative. She said that the authority is trying its very best to look into different areas to control the epidemic as far as possible.
Prof. Chan reiterated that they do not want more people to go out and want to reduce the flow of the people.
“So it is now too early to see if the social distancing measures can be relaxing or even further tightened, so will continue to observe the situation and also monitor the situation but right now the focus is more on controlling community outbreaks and also cutting community transmission chain”.
In the same conference, earlier, Prof. Chan reported that the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), is investigating 140 additional Covid-19 virus cases.
It was reported that from 140, 15 cases are imported, 125 local confirmed cases and there are 100 Preliminary Positive cases.