Relatives of FDW who punched his girlfriend seek help from the Consulate

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37-year-old Filipino woman is in the ICU of the Pamela Yeude hospital after she was punched by her Filipino boyfriend

Relatives of the Filipino man who punched his girlfriend sought help from the Philippine Consulate to locate the 42-year-old Filipino domestic worker (FDW).

The FDW was arrested on Dec. 23, after he punched his Filipino girlfriend who is in the hospital now.

The incident happened at 9:16 p.m. on Dec. 22 at Nullah Lane, Wan Chai.
The 37-year-old Filipino girlfriend, also a domestic worker was lying on the bed unconscious after she was punched by her boyfriend. In the preliminary investigation, Police said that the lovers had a dispute that night, that led the man to punch his girlfriend.

Police said that they received the report of the incident from the neighbor of the Filipino female.

On the following day, Dec. 23, Police arrested the Filipino boyfriend.
The case was classified as ‘wounding’, Police added.

Relatives of the Filipino man informed the Consulate that from the day that he was arrested, they tried to locate and call him but could not find him. The Consulate is contacting the Police stations and prisons to find and locate the Filipino up to this date of posting.

Meanwhile, the Filipino woman is still in the ICU of Pamela Youde hospital. Relatives of the Filipino woman from the Philippines contacted the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) office through zoom to ask for help on the medical case of the hospitalized relative.

OWWA said that they regularly checked the hospital for any development of the medical condition but the hospital gave only limited information for the privacy of the patient.