Reminders for upcoming winter: Hong Kong Observatory, Senior Home Safety Association


A joint press conference was held on Nov. 29 between the Hong Kong Observatory (HK) and the Senior Home Safety Association (SCHSA) to remind the public about the upcoming dip in temperature within the next few days and ways to get ready for the winter season.

 “A cold front will move across the coast of Guangdong between tonight and tomorrow morning,” said Chan Pak-wai, assistant director of the HKO.

 “Under the influence of the subsequent intense northeast monsoon, temperatures will drop significantly. The elderly and persons with chronic medical conditions should pay special attention to the possible health impacts brought about by the weather change. Rather than cool mornings are expected in the latter part of this week.”

 With the elderly population more susceptible to seasonal flu and the risks of getting Covid-19, Maura Wong, chief executive officer of the SCHSA, reminded them and everyone to take precautions.

 “With the upcoming temperature drop together with the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and seasonal influenza, the SCHSA would like to remind the elderly to keep warm and stay safe, and to take the first three doses of Covid-19 vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccine as early as possible with a view to enhancing protection and avoiding severe complications due to infection.”

 Throughout the years, the HKO and SCHSA have been collaborating regularly to promote the use of weather information and to better care for the elderly.

 More information can be found on the latest weather forecast and the nine-day weather forecast via the HKO’s Dial-a-Weather service at 1878 200 or the mobile app, “MyObservatory” or through HKO’s website

Hong Kong Labor Dept