Urgent appeal for blood donations due to low blood inventories: Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS)

An appeal was made by the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) to the public due to low blood inventories on Dec. 2.

According to the spokesperson of the BTS, blood inventories are depleted at low levels, with only three to four days’ stock remaining.

Daily blood collection has been difficult due to the on-going epidemic and the abrupt weather changes, resulting in not being able to meet the targets within the past two weeks.

Moreover, there was a rise in demand for blood during this winter season.

Donated blood is needed to replenish the blood inventories for clinical transfusions to patients in need.

BTS aims to have about 650 units of blood every day to meet the needs of hospitals across the city.

Blood is needed for some critical illnesses and emergency operations where blood supply is needed to help with clinical transfusions.

With unstable blood supply, patients who need long-term blood transfusions might endanger their lives.

For instance, patients with thalassaemia major – those who cannot produce hemoglobin themselves – require regular blood transfusions and injections to keep themselves alive.

For Yin (not his real name), living with thalassaemia is difficult since he relies on blood transfusion therapy to survive.

Yin’s mother is worried about the low blood stocks.

“As the parent of a thalassaemia major patient, I am worried there is an insufficient blood supply to support transfusion treatments for thalassaemia major patients. Amid the current situation of the epidemic, I am well aware of the drop in blood collection,” she said.

Appointment is advisable prior to arriving at BTS donor centers.

The public can check out the Donor Web Portal (blooddonor.ha.org.hk) or “HK Blood” mobile app for more information.