0+3 Measures starts on Monday for HK inbound travelers

In today’s Hong Kong Chief Executive Command and Coordination group press conference (Sept 23), Mr. John Lee introduced new measures for travelers to Hong Kong.

The Quarantine measures for all inbound travelers to Hong Kong will be changed to 0+3 starting on Monday, 26 September. This means all inbound travelers are not required to book their quarantine hotel. Travelers can return directly to their homes or go to any hotel of their choice to go for 3-day medical surveillance. They can use any means of transportation going to their home or the chosen hotel.

Pre-flight PCR will not be required instead, it was replaced by a rapid antigen test (RAT) to be taken 24 hours before flight departure to HK. RAT will be taken on Day 2, and Day 4, and on Day 6, PCR will be used for the test.

Pre-Flight PCR will be scrapped, instead, Rapid Antigen Test (RAT )test must be taken within 24 hours of departure time.

Unvaccinated Hong Kong Residents can return. Unvaccinated or those who have not completed their vaccinations can board a plane to Hong Kong. After they have landed in Hong Kong no special exemptions will be made. They will have to follow the current Hong Kong laws to get a Vaccine Pass like everyone else. The Hong Kong Government will not lie flat and they will continue to control the number of cases in the community. The Government plans to protect the elderly, children, and the vulnerable.

Hong Kong should be optimistic about controlling the epidemic.

In a question and answer part during the conference, CE Mr. Lee explained.

 I think in the three elements I mentioned, as our road to the future, we emphasize that first of all, aim at one single direction as much as possible, and do it orderly and progressively. And we should take a positive outlook on the situation. We want to introduce measures that we are confident of maintaining control of the overall epidemic situation. We also want to ensure that as we progress, we can do it in an orderly manner. By introducing this new measure of “0+3”, obviously this is a kind of relaxation from the “3+4”. We want to ensure that we will monitor the situation closely so that all the risks are well controlled, and things can progress in an orderly manner. We will, of course, keep monitoring the situation. If there are positive developments as we progress, as I’ve explained, there will be more room for us to do extra measures so that we can have more activities and more room for us to go about different maneuvers. The intention is to do it progressively and in an orderly manner. That is why we are now introducing “0+3”, which is actually quite a big improvement from the “3+4”.

The second question about the new measures is how would it attract visitors to Hong Kong. I think it’s not just the “0+3”. When we talk about visitors coming to Hong Kong, of course, they will consider the control measures. They will also consider what are the purposes of the visit. What are the advantages of the visit, and what do they want to do in Hong Kong for their benefit and interests? And I think Hong Kong has always had this attraction. We are the freest economy. We are a place of opportunities. We are a place where the East meets the West. We are a place where you will be able to have success stories, and we are also a place where there will be opportunities for us to enter the market on the Mainland. So all these are factors that will be in the mind of many visitors when they think of coming to Hong Kong. I have said that “0+3” is the measure we introduce now. If there are positive developments, then of course we can have more room to go into further consideration as to how we will allow even more activities and create more convenience. I think it is important for people to know that we are aiming at one single direction of allowing people to come with more convenience, and they are allowed to go about their activities with maximum possibilities. And you can also see after the third day, in fact, he can visit in the same way as the Hong Kong citizens, places where they can even eat and drink”.

Hong Kong Labor Dept