2 Pinoys arrested for noise nuisance in Peng Chau; 43-year old Filipino man shot wounded

Two Filipino men were arrested for noise nuisance in Peng Chau yesterday. One of them who attempted to assault the police was shot wounded and was rushed to the hospital.

Initial police investigation said that they received a call from a concerned citizen complaining of noise nuisance at about 10:41 pm yesterday, 24 January at Peng Chau.

Police officers immediately proceeded to the scene to investigate.

During the investigation, however, a 43-year old Filipino man became emotional and tried to assault the police officer with his hand.  

The Police officer gave verbal warning to the said man to stop. But he continued chasing the policeman and once again attempted to assault him.  

 The male Police officer then fire three gunshots towards the Filipino man, wounding him on his hand and abdomen. 

 The man was sent immediately at the Eastern Hospital by helicopter in a conscious state. 

Another Filipino man was also arrested  in the scene for assaulting Police officer and obstructing a Police officer. 

The two police officers sustained minor injuries and were sent to Ruttonjee Hospital in a conscious state by helicopter. 

It was reported that the two Filipino men are both holding Hong Kong ID cards. One works as a technician on the golf course and the other runs a shop.

The other three men and three women in the unit were brought to the police station for investigation.

The investigation is now been undertaken by the Regional Crime Squad of the Marine Police for further investigation.