32-year-old Filipino woman found hanged inside the toilet

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The police reported that a ‘resident’ called their office on Saturday, 20 August at 2:40 pm, to inform them that a person hanged herself with a rope inside the toilet.

The police arrived at the address given by the caller at a village house on Tai Shue Ha East Road, Yuen Long.

The officers arrived at the scene and confirmed that the person, a 32-year-old Filipino woman with HK ID, was certified dead.

In the initial investigation, the police found a suicide note at the scene. Apparently, the police said that the person was unhappy because of the money problem.

The cause of death of the Filipino woman is to be determined after an autopsy.

Police authority classified the case as “person found hanged”.

The police did not identify the nature of the work of the dead person.

The police also did not give the identity of the caller of the case but only identified as a “resident” of the scene of the case.

For anyone who needs help in a time of crisis, the following numbers could be contacted:

Philippine Consulate General in HK (PCG-HK)

The PCG is located at 95 Queensway and can be contacted: by telephone on 2823-8500 / 1 as well as by email hongkong.pcg@dfa.gov.ph; HOTLINE  9155-4023

Suicide Prevention Services (SPS)

Suicide Prevention Services serves people who are suicidal, despairing, or distressed by means of befriending and other services supporting them to regain control of their emotions and the will to live on. We also aim at raising general awareness of suicide and identifying ways in which suicide can be effectively addressed.24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotline Service, HOTLINE: 2382 0000

The Samaritans

Just a phone call away but it makes a huge difference. The Samaritans listen no matter how disturbing or ordinary the problem may seem. HOTLINE 2896 000; email support within 24 hours:jo@samaritans.org.hk.