LCSD: 3500 verbal advise given out over the weekend on anti-epidemic operations



In two days (January 8 and 9) of patrolling on anti-epidemic regulations, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) reported that 3500 verbal advise were given out during patrol of different venues in Hong Kong.


With the latest epidemic situation, the Government is highly concerned and strongly appealed to all sectors including the foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in controlling the spread of the virus.


The patrolling was done on Saturdays and Sundays (January 8 and 9) when most of the FDWs have their day off, staying mostly at Victoria Park (for Indonesians) and Central district (for Filipinos), and in other places around Hong Kong.


The LCSD officer, said, over phone interviewed, that there was no breakdown of the 3500 verbal advise in terms of locations or nationalities. The collected information came from different locations in Hong Kong, he added. There was no penalty and no prosecution given on two days patrol, only verbal advise was given, clarified by the LCSD officer.


Whereas, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) announced on Saturday  that the joint operations with several Government departments would be conducted in different districts where FDWs commonly gathered to appeal to maintain awareness of the epidemic prevention.


The spokesman from FEHD appealed to venue users to exercise self-discipline and abide by relevant anti-epidemic regulations in order to reduce the chances of virus spreading in the community. Enforcement actions will be taken when irregularities are found.
The joint operations by the FEHD conducted during the weekend was in collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force, the Labour Department, the Immigration Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.