45 Torture/Non-refoulment claimants repatriated to their country of origin

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The Immigration Department (ImmD) carried out repatriation operations from September 13 to yesterday (September 20). A total of 45 unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants were repatriated to their places of origin. Photo shows removees being escorted by ImmD officers to depart Hong Kong.

The Immigration Department (ImmD) carried out repatriation operations for eight days (September 13 to 20) to a total of 45 unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants.

ImmD said that those repatriated unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants were illegal immigrants, overstayers, and passengers who refused to land were repatriated to their places of origin. Among them were discharged prisoners who had committed criminal offenses and had been sentenced to imprisonment.

The persons removed comprised 33 males and 12 females.

The ImmD did not give information on the nationalities of the repatriated claimants.

The ImmD will continue to repatriate unsubstantiated non-refoulement claimants from Hong Kong as soon as practicable through all appropriate measures depending on the circumstances and needs, stated in the press release by the ImmD.

In December 2009, the ImmD implemented the enhanced administrative mechanism which was passed on November 2009 by the e Legislative Council, the Immigration (Amendment) Ordinance 2009, making it an offense for illegal immigrants to take any employment or establish or join in any business.

According to the ImmD, only one torture /non-refoulment claimant from the Philippines was substantiated from a total of 286 substantiated claimants.

Between the commencement of the enhanced administrative mechanism on November 2009 to June 2022, there was a total of 26,181 torture/non-refoulment claimants.

As of 30 June 2022, there were 317 outstanding non-refoulement claims, and the breakdown of the profiling of the claimants is as follows:

Sex Number of claimants
Male 89
Female 228
Total 317


Age Number of claimants
Under 18 42
18 to 30 65
31 to 40 124
Above 40 86
Total 317


Nationality Number of claimants
Vietnamese 106
Indonesian 104
Filipino 46
Thai 11
Indian 10
Pakistani 10
Bangladeshi 8
Sri Lankan 7
Nigerian 3
Others 12
Total 317


Status in Hong Kong Percentage
Overstayers 50%
Illegal Immigrants 37%
(Including persons refused entry and persons born in Hong Kong with the right of abode in Hong Kong not established)