AMCB asks HK Gov for HK$6,014 monthly salary, regulate working hours

Two weeks before the Labor Department will announce this year’s Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs)’ Living Wage, members of Asian Migrants Coordinating Body-AMCB from Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines held a program in front of the Labour Department yesterday, 18 September, to submit a petition letter for MDWs LW.

The group is asking for HK$6,014 monthly wage and HK$3,023 Food Allowance.

MDWs wage was frozen to HK$ 4, 630 for two years.  With the high inflation of basic needs in Hong Kong MDW’s salaries is below the living wage.

The amount was based on scientific and thorough research based on the Oxfam report and with reference data (HK Gov statistics).

Other than the monthly living wage for domestic workers, included  in their letter submitted to the Labor Department in July this year,  the AMCB is asking the Hong Kong Government the following:

Regulate working/resting hours of MDWs

Prior to the pandemic, many MDWs worked long hours from 12 – 16 hours a day, and sadly working hours are even longer during the pandemic. The lack of regulation on working hours also deprives MDWs of the rest and sleep needed to perform our duties.

Respect and uphold the rights of MDWs to have rest-day & Statutory Holidays

From the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB) survey in 2020, MDWs were denied rest days during the pandemic. Some were denied for months while for others, their rest days became irregular.

 Include MDWs in the HK Government’s Covid-19 responses

Foreign Domestic Workers are not the spreaders of the virus but are victims of this pandemic. We are affected by the pandemic as members of Hong Kong society and we need protection and assistance from the HK government. Public policies that neglect MDWs leave us invisible and vulnerable.

 Make Long Service Pay guaranteed for MDWs after 5 years of work

Many MDWs have worked for families here in Hong Kong for many years, raising children, caring for the elderly, and keeping Hong Kong households running. After many years of service, they wish to return home to their own families but if they decide to not renew their contracts, they are unable to receive their Long Service Pay.