Bohol declared PH’s first Global Geopark by UNESCO

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Bohol Island has been added as one of the 18 new sites to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Global Geoparks network.

In a statement on Wednesday, UNESCO said this makes Bohol the Philippines’ first UNESCO Global Geopark.

“The island’s geological identity has been pieced together over 150 million years, as periods of tectonic turbulence have raised the island from the ocean depths,” UNESCO said.

Given this recognition, UNESCO stated the island’s karstic geosites such as caves, sinkholes and cone karst, including the “famous cone-shaped Chocolate Hills.”

Also worth mentioning is the the Danajon Double Barrier Reef that has 6,000 years of coral growth, saying it is “only one of its kind in Southeast Asia” and “one of just six documented double barrier reefs on Earth.”

“It provides the visitors with a chance to discover 6,000 years of coral growth,” UNESCO said.

Danajon Double Barrier reef consists of two sets of large offshore coral reefs that were formed by a combination of favorable tidal currents and coral growth on a submarine ridge in the area.

UNESCO’s Executive Board has endorsed the addition of 18 sites to the UNESCO Global Geoparks network, which brings the total number to 195 in 48 countries.

Given the latest development, two UNESCO member states have joined the global geoparks network: New Zealand and the Philippines.