CG Tejada: HK plans to allow entry of vaccinated travelers from areas under flight ban

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Consul General Raly Tejada (FILE)

Hong Kong initially plans to open its borders to vaccinated residents and workers from all countries and jurisdictions covered by flight bans, Philippine Consul General Raly Tejada said Monday.

In response to questions from Hong Kong News, Tejada said the plan was bared during the technical working group meeting between the Philippine Consulate General and Hong Kong officials last week.

The Philippines’ top official in the city said they asked Hong Kong to reexamine the country’s classification as an “extremely high-risk” place and allow residents and workers to enter.

“We also asked them to allow our residents and workers to come back given their need to work as well as the demand for their services,” he said in a message.

Tejada said that Hong Kong officials recognized the importance of letting workers and residents in.

“They added that [Hong Kong] initially plans to open the border for vaccinated residents and workers from all countries currently under the ban,” he explained.

But Hong Kong has yet to finalise the details of the scheme, Tejada said.

Since Apr. 20, passenger flights from the Philippines have been barred from landing in Hong Kong. The ban has affected thousands of domestic workers awaiting deployment.

Other countries classified as “extremely high-risk” places are India, Pakistan, Nepal, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.

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