Domestic worker attacks employer with a pair of scissors

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On Saturday night, at around 11:45 pm (April 2), Police received a call from a woman surnamed Chan, 34 years old, to inform the Police that her husband, Mr. Yau, was assaulted by their domestic worker, aged 46. The address given was 62-64 Fort St., North Point.

The police said that the domestic worker asked permission from her employer, Mr. Yau, to take her day off on the following day (April 3, Sunday).  Mr. Yau did not allow the domestic worker to take her day off which resulted to further arguments between the employer and the worker. The employer rejected the request of their domestic worker to take her day off, the police noted in their report.

As the heated arguments became serious, the Police report said that the domestic worker, identified as non-local,  got a pair of scissors and hit her employer. Mr. Yau got an abrasion on his left hand but medical treatment in the hospital was not needed, the Police report added.

The incident was classified by the police as a dispute between two people and a person accidentally injured. No criminal element, in this case, Police said, and the case was settled between the employer and the worker.