Fewer drug abusers in the first three quarters of 2022: Central Registry of Drug Abuse (CRDA)

Hong Kong reported a drop in the number of drug abusers, according to its latest data.

In a meeting held on Dec. 16, the Action Committee Against Narcotics (ACAN) revealed the numbers declined in the first three quarters of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. 

 The findings came from the Central Registry of Drug Abuse (CRDA). 

 But ACAN was quick to point out these figures might be affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, resulting in fewer drug abusers who were in contact with various reporting agencies like treatment and rehabilitation agencies, and law enforcement agencies. 

Moreover, there were fewer younger drug abusers aged under 21 – a decline of 21 percent from 750 to 589. 

Heroine, cocaine, and cannabis were the most common types of drugs abused. 

Meanwhile, cannabis, cocaine, and ketamine (also known as “K”) were the drugs of choice among drug users under aged 21. 

Those arrested for serious drug offences accounted for 66 percent. 

Young arrestees aged under 21 who were prosecuted for drug trafficking during the same year last year were almost 80 percent convicted.

According to the Narcotics Division (ND) of the Security Bureau, anyone who has committed a drug offence is liable for serious criminal punishment.

“The Government will list cannabidiol, which is known as CBD, as a drug. The legislation will come into effect on Feb. 1, 2023,” said Dr. Donald Li, ACAN chairman.

“The public should arrange early disposal of any CBD products in their possession. When the legislation takes effect, it will be illegal to possess or trade CBD products. Offenders may be subject to imprisonment and fines.”

For those seeking information or assistance from social workers, members of the public can contact them on WhatsApp and WeChat to 98 186 186 or call the 24-hour hotline 186 186.