Filipina waitress jailed for 6 weeks in theft case

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After a third-time theft conviction, Mary Ann Bustamante, a Filipina waitress was sentenced to jail for six weeks during the hearing at Eastern Court on Oct. 19.

This was the third time that Bustamante was convicted of theft and given all the circumstances presented in the court, Principal Magistrate Ivy Chui Yee-mei sentenced her to be in jail.

At the hearing, Principal Magistrate said that Bustamante was convicted of theft in 2015, 2017, and very recently this year. The Principal Magistrate also added that Bustamante stole a lot of items which include a pair of pants, some pairs of shorts, underpants, and socks at the commercial shop in Central.

Bustamante is a Filipino resident working as a waitress earning HK$9000 a month, was seen at the court gallery at the start of the hearing when her charges were read and interpreted. When the Principal Magistrate gave the sentence she was a bit surprised but did not refuse when a Police hold her and let her get inside the court to be sent to prison.

The defendant’s counsel explained to the court that Bustamante was remorseful and promised not to take anything without payment again before Bustamante was sent inside the court.

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