Filipino man loses HK$17,500 to online job scam

A Filipino man fell victim to an online job scam losing HK$17,500 in the process.

Based on their initial investigation, theHong Kong police quoted that the Filipino man as saying he had received a job offer in an instant messaging software.

The offer claimed that he could earn commissions as an online salesman simply by clicking on purchases on shopping platforms that would help boost the reputation of merchants.

However to avail of the offer, the 26-year old Filipino man was instructed to deposit HK$17,500 into two accounts designated by the other party as a point rate principal.

In the police report, it added that the Filipino man followed the instruction and after depositing the said amount, he tried to contact the scammer several times but lost contact.

The case was initially investigated as “obtaining property by deception” and was referred to the third team of the Kowloon City Police District Criminal Investigation Team for follow-up.

The police reminded the public that to be vigilant against fraudulent recruitment advertisements generally claim to “make quick money”, “high labor”, “payday” or “work from home”; the age and education requirements for candidates are low or no work experience and resume required; no mention of the actual job or job content, and only provide real-time communication software or cell phone number contact method.

Some fraudsters will even pay commissions to gain the trust of victims after their initial deposits. The police urge the public to call the “Scam Easy 18222” if they are suspicious of the transaction.

Hong Kong Labor Dept