Six Filipinos found with HIV in 2021 Q2

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Health authorities recorded six new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection involving Filipinos in the second quarter of 2021, double than those detected in the previous quarter.

Sexual transmission remained the major route of HIV transmission among the Filipinos, said the Centre for Health Protection.

Two Filipino men and four Filipino women were found with HIV during the second quarter.

All but one of the men contracted the virus through heterosexual contact. Homosexual contact was the mode of HIV transmission for the other Filipino male.

In the first quarter, the Filipinos with HIV included two men and a woman.

A Filipino man and two Filipino women reportedly hit the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) stage of HIV infection in the second quarter of 2021. They were infected through heterosexual contact.

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Hong Kong has tallied 11,017 HIV infections since 1984, with 131 new cases detected during this period. Of the newly detected carriers, 75 got infected through homosexual or bisexual contact and 33 through heterosexual contact.

Two infections involved intravenous drug use, while the modes of transmission for 21 other cases are still pending.

Males made up most of the new HIV cases at 83%.

The CHP also said the infections of 26 people in Hong Kong had progressed to AIDS in the same period, bringing the number of confirmed cases since 1985 to 2,280.

A spokesman reminded that lifelong HIV treatment can prevent AIDS and related health complications. Those who test positive for the virus should seek medical advice promptly, he added.

“Members of the public with a history of unsafe sex should take an HIV antibody test early,” the spokesman said.

To schedule a free, anonymous and confidential HIV test, please call the Department of Health’s AIDS Hotline at 2780 2211.