HK Gov to stop isolation requirement for people infected with COVID starting Jan. 30

 The Hong Kong Government announced on Thursday (19 January), that starting January 30, it will no longer be requiring people infected with COVID-19 to isolate while at the same time maintaining the longer mask mandate.

In a statement, the Government explained that the hybrid immunity barrier against COVID-19 I the overall community is very strong, and people who have completed vaccination have presented only mild symptoms after infection with the Omicron variant.

The government further explained that the current overall second and third-dose COVID-19 vaccination rates in Hong Kong have reached 93% and 84%.

With the immunity brought by a large amount of infected people since the fifth wave of the epidemic, an effective vaccination rate equivalent to that of having received the third dose has reached around 95%.
Also, public hospitals have established effective contingency plans and the general anti-epidemic capability of the healthcare system has strengthened.

Given the general public’s anti-epidemic knowledge and experience have accumulated considerably in the past three years, while the ability to prevent and handle infected cases involving members of the public and residential care homes was enhanced.

With the basis of the above explanation of the Government, to continue society’s gradual return to normalcy, the Government said it has decided to cancel the compulsory isolation arrangement for infected people, and will issue advice on health measures to them instead.

Starting January 30, the authorities will no longer issue isolation orders to infected people. All those who test positive by nucleic acid or rapid antigen tests are not required to report and provide personal particulars via the Centre for Health Protection’s (CHP) online platforms.
Those currently under isolation at their residence places or isolation facilities will no longer be required to continue their isolation from January 30. The Government will arrange for those staying in the isolation facilities to leave in an orderly manner.
Having considered that some infected people may wish to stay at the community isolation facilities (CIFs) to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the household if their living space is crowded or their household members fall into high-risk groups, the CIFs will remain in operation for use by Hong Kong residents until February 28.
Starting January 30, the number of specimens that test positive by nucleic acid tests as well as the number of death cases reported by doctors and hospitals will be uploaded onto the dedicated website in lieu of the current practice of issuing press releases.
Separately, the Hospital Authority (HA) announced that all general outpatient clinics will provide treatment for COVID-19 confirmed patients when the Government’s new measures come into effect. General clinics that had been suspended will resume normal service.

Currently, confirmed patients are centralized to receive treatment in the seven designated clinics for COVID-19 confirmed cases.

The authority’s tele-consultation service for confirmed patients under isolation will be terminated, while its support hotline 1836 115 will continue to answer enquiries on medical care and provide assistance to confirmed patients