HK gov urges public: observe road safety during Lunar New Year holidays

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The Transport Department (TD) today (January 19) reminded motorists and cyclists to observe road safety during the Lunar New Year holidays.

“Motorists must not drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, or participate in illegal road racing, so as to avoid contravening the law. Even a small amount of alcohol or drugs will significantly impair driving ability. After drinking alcohol or taking drugs, one should use public transport services or arrange someone else to drive,” a TD spokesman said.

He said that drunk driving, drug driving and illegal road racing will endanger motorists themselves as well as other road users.

“These illegal activities can lead to traffic accidents and cause serious injuries and even deaths,” the spokesman added.¬† Likewise, the spokesman also appealed to motorists not to park their vehicles illegally.¬†They should park in a parking place or car park so as to maintain smooth road traffic.

Doing this can avoid causing traffic jams, obstructing public transport operation or delaying emergency vehicles in rescue operations. This can also avoid obstructing the sight lines of pedestrians and other road users, which may otherwise cause traffic accidents. For drivers who commit traffic offences and cause traffic obstruction, the Police will issue warnings or summonses, or even tow away the vehicles concerned.

As many people go cycling for leisure during holidays, they are advised to cycle “within their abilities and observe road safety, wear suitable personal protective equipment and properly check their bicycles.”

Being attentive, patient and law-abiding when cycling is also a must.

The spokesman emphasized that road safety hinges on the co-operation of every road user, and appealed to the public to exercise self-discipline and comply with traffic rules.