HK Gov’t assures FDWs affected with Covid-19, statutory and compassionate protection

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Hong Kong Government on Saturday assured Foreign Domestic Workers affected by the fifth wave of the pandemic that they are working with the relevant Consulate General in Hong Kong to provide statutory and compassionate protection.

This is in response to the concerns about FDWs who experienced termination and homelessness in the middle of the coronavirus.

“FDWs working in Hong Kong are a core part of our community and we believe the great majority of their employers are responsible and reasonable. The HKSAR Government will protect the legitimate rights and interests of FDWs in Hong Kong,” the spokesman said

In a government statement, FWDs with an employment contract who test positive to Covid-19 or considered close contacts will receive support like any other citizens of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, FDWs without employment in Hong Kong have been assisted by the Labour Department to admit them to suitable facilities with the support and assistance of the relevant Consulates General.

According to the spokesman from HK Government, they greatly value and appreciate the significant contributions rendered by FDWs to the local families and the economy. They empathise with FDWs who are not able to visit their families back home because of the pandemic and are committed to continuing to protect the employment rights and interests of the FDWs.

The HKSAR Government does not and will not tolerate any employers of FDWs illegally dismissing FDWs who were infected with Covid-19.

In the past few days, they have reminded employers that under the EO, employers are prohibited from terminating the contract of employment if the employee is on her/his paid sickness day and is liable to prosecution and a maximum fine of HK$100,000. Any violations of these requirements will give them ineligible to employ an FDW for some time, and visa applications will be refused.