HK Gov’t Extends Social Distancing Measures And More Updates

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Hong Kong government announced their latest health emergency regulations on August 23 that will extend the city’s existing social distancing measures.

Under the Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance, these measures will be effective from August 25 to Sep 7.

Furthermore, these restrictions on relevant premises will be adjusted to allow people categorized as Amber code holders under the Vaccine Pass to participate in places like at conventions and exhibitions.

On August 24, the government confirmed 7,884 new Covid-19 cases with 207 imported cases and 14 deaths.

According to health authorities, social distancing measures may further be tightened due to the daily cases reaching 10,000.

Wear facemasks and the prohibition of group gatherings in public places will still remain in force.

Inbound persons from overseas starting Aug 25 will also be allowed to participate in conventions and exhibitions where they are categorized as “Amber code” holders. HK Gov’t Extends Social Distance Measures And More Updates


The 599F regulation requires a person at a catering business or any scheduled place to follow the strict rule. Those who fail are subject to a maximum fine of HK$10,000.

These places include: swimming pools, sports premises, fitness centers, beauty parlors, and massage establishments, places of public entertainment, places of amusement, amusement game centers, event premises, religious premises, barber shops/ hair salons, bathhouses, party rooms, club/ nightclubs, karaoke establishments, mah-jong-tin kau premises and cruises ships, managers must comply with the relevant restrictions under Cap. 599F.

But the live performance and dance activities will remain prohibited in clubs/ nightclubs.

Patrons should continue to be denied entry unless they can present proof of a negative RAT result obtained within 24 hours before entering the relevant premises

Shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, and markets, must also comply with the 599F regulation.

Anyone not wearing a facemask as they board a public transport carrier or entering a concerned area will receive a maximum penalty of a fine at level 3 (HK$10,000). Those who fail to wear a facemask must pay a fixed penalty of HK$5,000.

Group gatherings with more than four persons in public places will remain prohibited.