HK gov’t launches “Hello Hong Kong” global campaign to attract international visitors, revive the economy 

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A series of promotional activities, new attractions, developments and opportunities for visitors were unveiled by Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, John Lee, as part of the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign launch ceremony on Feb. 2.

 “Hello Hong Kong” is a global publicity campaign that will focus on four key areas.

 The first is the distribution of 500,000 free air tickets and to welcome international visitors.

 Most of the free air tickets will be distributed by Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and its budget airline HK Express. Most tickets will be given in Asia. Some will be handed out by travel agencies to international tourists.

 Over the years, a number of new attractions have opened like the Hong Kong Palace Museum and M+ museum at the West Kowloon Cultural district. There will be various special offers, cash vouchers, and other incentives for the visitors.

 The second area is the sponsored visits for prominent guests like business leaders, political dignitaries, and media representatives among others. 

 Next, the Government will organize different delegations to the mainland and overseas so they can further discuss Hong Kong’s opportunities like promoting business, tourism, and other cultural exchanges.

 Lastly, Hong Kong plans to launch MICE and mega events – more than 200 events –  related to finance, economy, innovation, technology, sports, arts, and culture.

 In a press conference on Feb. 2, Dane Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, along with Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, and other delegates addressed the “Hello Hong Kong” campaign to the media.

 “Hello Hong Kong” Campaign is developed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and we are planning to invest, in the initial stage, a minimum of $1 million, in the initial stage,” Cheng said.

 “The whole idea is that we want to reconnect and greet the world, in our initial stage. I think for the last some months and years, when we are reopening and resuming travel, we need to make it clear that we are now totally, fully, unconditionally reopening to our travellers, this is the way we want to go for.”

 The “Hello Hong Kong” campaign is meant to revive the economy and repair the city’s global image which was damaged by the 2019 protests, security laws implemented in 2020, and three years of self-imposed isolation due to the pandemic.